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What do you DOT?   

My top hashtag on DOT is #movielocations. I'm a cinephile, i love to tell the story of real life locations from movies. - Adrien

I DOT places when I go out or travel. Nice bars, restaurants, sights... It helps me remember, and my friends are always interested in tips. - Ines

I photograph graffiti, slogans, crazy messages, anything with lettering I come across in the city. You can see the pics on my Bruxellesafont Facebook page. It'll be fun to map my finds on DOT as well. - Sofie 

DOT is the long-awaited fusion of mapmaking and social media

Add  friends & 

followers to your profile

Embed your DOT maps anywhere

Add comments, stories and pictures to your DOTs

DOT anyplace and anything you want 

Search @people, @subjects and  combinations

Every hashtag you use generates its own map 

Get notifications when your DOTs get comments

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Use DOT to map & share whatever you care about

"DOT is a super fun way for social mapping among friends. Literally, you can place a dot on a map and describe what the dot is for all your friends also using the app. Like...a cool mural? Dot. Awesome restaurant? Dot. Nice gas station bathroom and you don’t even need to buy anything to use it? Dot. "  - Gizmodo 








It's your world and you'll map what you want to  ...




#artdeco #tattooparlour #writersgrave #huggabletree 








Wouldn't it be great if maps showed what you and your friends really care about ?